Midjourney Review: Is This The Best AI Image Generator Around?

In the ever-evolving realm of artificial intelligence, one particular application has been captivating users and drawing attention for its remarkable image generation capabilities. Known as Midjourney, this AI image generator has garnered a reputation as one of the best in the field. With its advanced algorithms and training techniques, Midjourney promises to deliver stunning and realistic images that leave users in awe. In this midjourney review, we will delve into the features, quality, and overall performance of this AI image generator to determine whether it truly deserves its esteemed reputation.

Content creators know that text alone doesn’t make for an engaging experience for their audience. You need some kind of visual to accompany it, but how can you generate images that match up with your expectations if you aren’t an artist? Our Midjourney review will show you one clear way you can keep up with the competition.

Midjourney AI is taking the world by storm, helping people to create characters and images that enhance their content compared to text alone.

If you’re ready to start your journey with AI art, this is one of the best places to get your feet wet — and we’ll show you why and how you can get started.

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What Exactly is Midjourney?

Have you ever wished that you could have images generated without the need for high-quality artistic ability? With the rise of artificial intelligence, you’re more likely to get what you need without the addition of an artist to your team. Midjourney AI is one of the leaders in this still-new industry of text to image AI art.

Instead of requiring artistic skills, all you have to do to get the images you need is accurately describe what you’re looking for.

Midjourney does all of the heavy lifting for you, creating photorealistic images that match up with your descriptions. If they don’t meet your expectations, you can always regenerate a new batch based on your favorites.

The best part is that you won’t need any special software to get the job done. Instead, everything is run through a Discord server which makes it easily accessible for anyone who needs to create art in a pinch.

Midjourney Review: Benefits of AI-Generated Art

Art generation is a hot topic that goes hand-in-hand with other forms of AI that are flooding the market. Our Midjourney review concludes that there are some serious benefits to using the platform to make the most realistic images or whatever your content requires (and also check out our Midjourney alternatives if you’re interested).

Here’s what you need to know about the benefits of Midjourney AI.

Requires No Artistic Talent to Get High-Quality Art

Perhaps the best thing about these AI art generation platforms (Midjourney included) is that you don’t have to have any type of artistic talent to get to the bottom of things. You simply have to use natural language descriptions with the Midjourney bot, and they will do all of the heavy lifting for you.

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After you input a prompt, it will give you four selections in a matter of minutes.

Sometimes, it may take up to a half hour to generate images. When it’s finished, you receive a grid of images that you can then enhance or reshape until it meets your needs.

You never have to pick up a pencil, find royalty-free stock images, or transform a photo using expensive tools like Photoshop or Lightroom that are designed for professionals.

Using machine learning, Midjourney’s AI art is always improving as you go.

Ability to Match Specific Styles

Do you love the style of a specific artist? Do you want your art to be done in the style of another time period? Is there a technique that you want to see the image generator really take advantage of?

You get to set the expectations for how your art looks by asking Midjourney to copy certain artistic styles.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that they take work from another artist (more on this controversy in a bit). It merely means that the Midjourney AI can better adapt to what you’re looking for with a specific prompt.

You can channel the art of a specific artist while still getting new content. The result is sometimes astounding.

Refine Images Produced Until Satisfied

The Midjourney bot does a fairly good job of giving you what you want if you’re specific enough with your initial prompt. Using this tool online is great for producing a dynamic range of images that might meet your needs.

However, it shines in that you can refine images until you’re completely satisfied with the results.

Keep in mind that you need to be as specific as possible when retooling created images. The AI can be tricky for new users even if you’re working from real photographs. It will take you a bit of trial and error before you learn how the AI tools work inside and out.

Even experienced users can sometimes struggle with refining their images with specific prompts.

Midjourney Review: Limitations and Drawbacks

While there are certainly benefits to having a Midjourney subscription, things aren’t all smooth sailing. Here are a few of the things that users will want to keep in mind before choosing Midjourney over other popular options like OpenAI’s Dall-E or Jasper.

Only Available Through Discord Server

Many users like the fact that they don’t need any fancy tech gear or software to create images. However, many people find using the designated Discord server to get their work done is a real hassle. It can be slow, clunky, and a bit of a hassle.

Not to mention, it means that all of your created images are part of the public — which we’ll cover in just a few moments.

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Poor Customer Support

This is also how they offer customer support to their users. You can comment through the Discord server to ask your questions using their billing or tech support channels. While you do have the option to reach out privately via email, many people complain that their customer support is seriously lacking.

Trust Pilot has given them a 1.7-star rating – ouch!

If you think that you might need some help with your subscription or need a little guidance as you get started, you may want to consider alternatives (which we’ll talk about at the end of this Midjourney review).

AI-Generated Images are Public

Are you a bit more of a private person? Maybe you don’t want the art that you create to be easily accessible to anyone and everyone. The major downside to using Midjourney over other AI programs is that all of your images are public.

Everyone who has access to the server can see what you are creating and how you are prompting the AI to get what you want.

That being said, other people can interact with your images as well. If they like what you created, they can tweak it to meet their own specifications or re-roll to get a new image that is similar to what you’ve already created. For those who want original artwork, this can be quite a conundrum.

Controversy: Does Midjourney Steal from Artists?

Of course, there is some controversy surrounding the Stable Diffusion program that Midjourney employs to create the images that meet your descriptions. It has to come up with the styles and images somehow — and many people complain that it actually steals art from artists who have posted their work online.

The argument is that the tech behind Midjourney (and several of the other well-known AI tools in the same field) isn’t able to produce something that’s totally original. Instead, they are taking art found on the internet with similar tags and only modifying it a minor amount.

Artists are understandably upset that their work is being appropriated. Perhaps more alarmingly for artists, they aren’t even being compensated for the myriad ways that these tools are using the foundations of their work.

If you want to stand behind independent artists who do great work, you may want to consider whether Midjourney AI is where you want to spend your time and hard-earned money. It may not give you the original image that you’re hoping for from its Stable Diffusion software.

You may choose to use an alternative that isn’t currently in the limelight for such a controversy.

Midjourney Pricing: How Much Will You Pay?

The good news is that Midjourney is affordable for anyone who wants to try their hand at creating art with AI. Free trials are available, and trial users can work on 3 concurrent jobs with 10 in the queue. That being said, these free credits will move slower than if you had paid for a subscription.

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Still, this is a great way to test the waters to see if Midjourney is the right fit for you.

The next step up is their basic plan which will set you back $10 per month. You get 3.3 hours per month and can purchase more GPU time at $4 per hour, something that isn’t an option with the free trials.

Standard plans and the Pro plan will set you back $30 and $60 per month, respectively. But you’ll get far more GPU time, ranging from 15 to 30 hours per month. Like the basic plan, you can purchase more GPU time at the same rate of $4 per hour.

If you decide to pay for the entire year upfront (a great investment if you know you’ll use it), you save 20 percent off the top. This can save you some serious cash on the Midjourney cost.

An Alternative to Midjourney: Jasper Art

If you aren’t quite sold on the AI image generators that you have access to under Midjourney’s subscription, you might want to look into our Jasper Art review.

Jasper is another artificial intelligence program that can create images for anything that you can possibly imagine. It produces high-quality images with a high resolution, allows for royalty-free commercial usage, and features no watermark.

Better yet, you get unlimited generations, which is a great feature to have in an AI art generator. Art is so subjective that it may take you multiple iterations to get something that you’re satisfied with. Their machine learning ensures that you get a final image that meets all of your needs.

Like Midjourney, you can also test drive Jasper Art for free.

This is also a great way to have all your content creation needs under one platform. Jasper can generate images, yes. But it can also help you to create long-form content for blogs, social media captions, and more. You won’t have to bounce around from program to program in order to get what you need.

Final Thoughts: Is Midjourney Right for You?

If you are thinking about using a computer to generate images for you, then you may want to consider if Midjourney is the right fit. It offers an easy-to-use interface and requires very little from you in the form of tech and software. However, it’s slow to come up with images, keeps everything in the public view, and has poor customer support.

When this doesn’t sound like the tool for you, Jasper might be the smarter move. It can help you to create images and content all under one umbrella.

What are you waiting for? You can try your hand at creating AI-generated images today using Midjourney’s free trial.

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