Krisp Review: Best Noise Cancelling App for Your Needs?

In today’s fast-paced and noisy world, finding a quiet and distraction-free environment can be a challenge. Whether you are taking important calls from home, joining virtual meetings, or simply trying to enjoy your favorite music or podcasts, background noise can often interfere and disrupt your experience. Fortunately, technology has come to the rescue with various noise-canceling solutions. One such innovative solution is the Krisp app, designed to eliminate background noise and provide crystal-clear audio. In this review, we will explore the features, benefits, and limitations of Krisp to determine if it is indeed the best noise-canceling app for your needs.

While working at home offers a better work/life balance, it’s often not ideal for conference calls and Zoom meetings with kids playing, dogs barking, and multiple other background noises reducing sound quality. If this problem has been bugging you, this Krisp review could be the solution you’ve been looking for!

There’s nothing more annoying than being in a noisy environment while taking an important call!

You may mishear essential instructions or miss out on an important piece of information altogether.

And nobody wants to be that person constantly interrupting the conference call to ask what was said! By eliminating background noise, you can breeze through the meeting and get on with your work.

Here’s an overview of what we’ll look at in this Krisp review:

  • How does it work?
  • Who should use it?
  • The main Krisp features
  • Krisp pricing
  • How to use it
  • What people are saying
  • Best Krisp alternatives
  • Is it worth your money?

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Krisp Review: How Does it Work?

Krisp review

Krisp is an AI-powered voice clarity and meeting assistant app that removes background noise during audio calls and video conferencing meetings.

At the touch of a button, it removes background noise in the same room, such as other people talking, dogs barking, crying babies, keyboard clicks, fans whirring, and anything else.

The AI technology recognizes the difference between unwanted noises and human voices and blocks out unnecessary sounds.

And it has an echo cancellation feature that, when turned on, will eliminate echoes from bouncing off the walls, resulting from your voice or another speaker.

This leaves a crisp and clear voice quality of whoever is speaking at the time, allowing you to have a distraction-free call.

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Who Should Use It?

Krisp is a recommended noise cancellation tool for small to medium-sized businesses, including freelancers and startups, and for personal use.

Its main customers include:

Contact Centers

Krisp uses noise cancellation technology to remove background noise in calls to improve the customer and agent experience.

Nearby agents’ voices are removed from a call, plus keyboard taps, allowing the customer to be heard and the agent to be understood.

And another great feature is the accent localization tab. This helps customers understand agents better when they have a strong accent by converting it into their native accent.

This results in a more professional call, a happier customer, and a better ROI.


Krisp review

Clear communication is key to running effective meetings and getting the most from your team.

By eliminating disruptive background noises, you can be sure everyone knows what’s going on and can talk confidently.

The Krisp app works with any existing conferencing technology you may be using, and the AI meeting assistant provides:

  • Automatic meeting transcription that works with all voice apps
  • AI-powered meeting notes and a summary that can be easily shared with the whole team

Main Krisp Features

Take a look at the main features of this noise-cancellation software.

AI Speaking Assistant

The Krisp AI speaking assistant allows you to have clear, effective, and distraction-free calls.

The background noise cancellation software detects and removes all other nearby human voices and noises so the primary speaker can be heard.

Krisp echo cancellation technology removes echoes that bounce off the walls and other hard surfaces while you’re taking your calls… including in an office, kitchen, bathroom, empty room, or noisy cafe.

Any pesky echo that results from an overly sensitive microphone is also eliminated, so you can enjoy crystal-clear audio every time!

Call Insights and Call Summary

Krisp review

The call insights widget displays:

  • Talk time
  • Meeting time
  • Talk ratio

This allows you to monitor your engagement levels and work towards having more balanced and collaborative calls.

The call summary feature includes data like:

  • Call duration
  • Time you spent speaking
  • How much noise Krisp cancelled

AI Meeting Assistant

Krisp review

This is a bot-free AI meeting assistant that’ll automatically transcribe and summarize your online meetings.

No need to pay someone extra for transcription services or have a human assistant hurriedly scribbling away in a meeting!

You get FREE unlimited transcriptions that work with ANY voice app without the need for any extra plugins or extensions.

The AI-powered meeting notes provide:

  • Long and short summary
  • Action items
  • Discussion items

These can be easily shared after every meeting or call so every team member stays in the loop.

Learn more about AI transcription and editing in this Descript review.

AI Accent Localization

This uses accent localization technology to help customers and agents better understand by changing accents into a natively understood accent.

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This is an exceptionally useful feature when your business deals with customers and staff from different countries around the world!

The benefits of this tool include:

  • Supports 17+ dialects
  • Works across any app
  • Works in real-time and on-device

Use with Any Conferencing App

Krisp review

Are you currently using a conferencing app such as Zoom, Skype, or Google Hangouts?

Krisp can be used for background voice cancellation and to remove unwanted noise on all the most popular conferencing apps and can be switched over easily depending on which one you’re using.

Krisp on Desktop or Chrome Extension

Krisp lets you work from anywhere, including Windows and Mac iOS.

Plus, you can use Krisp’s Chrome Extension, which can be easily toggled on and off when you want to use it.

Encrypted Connections

With encrypted connections such as SOC-2, Google OAuth, and SMAL, you can rest assured all your personal data and call information is kept private and not recorded or stored in the cloud.

Virtual Backgrounds

Remove visual distractions from your video calls with a professional-looking virtual background.

You can either choose from the Krisp image gallery or upload photos of your choice.

This helps to hide any home messes behind you or infuse a little fun into boring meetings that you wish would go a little faster!

Works for Incoming and Outgoing Audio

Use Krisp for reducing background noise and to improve audio quality on incoming and outgoing calls.

This is ideal if you have team members who join calls while on the go, such as from trains, buses, cafes, airports, or anywhere else with distracting noises.

Train Krisp to Recognize Your Voice

Krisp can be trained to recognize your voice and cut out all other voices on calls or video conferences with a large number of attendees.

This can be easily toggled off when you want others to be able to join a discussion.

How Much Does Krisp Cost?


Krisp has extremely affordable pricing plans. Save up to 33% by paying yearly or pay monthly:

  • Pro. $12/month per seat.
  • Enterprise. Customized based on requirements.

Is There a Free Trial?

Yes, there’s a free version that’s free forever for individuals!

Enjoy 60 minutes a day of noise cancellation, unlimited transcriptions, and two meeting notes a day.

Krisp Review: How to Use it?

It’s extremely simple to start using the Krisp app. Follow these steps:

  • If using a desktop, you have to download and install Krisp for Mac or Windows
  • On the Krisp site, enter your email and click ”sign-up
  • Check your email for the verification code and follow the instructions to install Krisp on your device
  • Launch the app and click ”get started
  • Krisp will link with your web account, and a window will pop up showing how to use it
  • You can either click on the tutorial or skip it and proceed to use the app
  • Select Krisp as your microphone and speaker in your chosen conferencing app
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Alternatively, you can download the Krisp Chrome Extension and simply click the ”Mute Noise” toggle.

This will ensure you have zero background noise when using a microphone in any Chrome tabs.

What Are People Saying About Krisp?

Krisp scores 4.8 out of 5 stars over 542 verified reviews on the G2 product review site.

G2 reviews

Best Krisp Alternatives

Take a look at the best Krisp alternatives:


ClaerityAi helps to keep your calls clear and professional with AI-powered noise suppression software.

It integrates seamlessly with your current hardware and call software, can be installed in a few clicks, and offers enterprise-level security to keep your calls confidential.

Ideal for remote pros, teams, and enterprise-level businesses, this noise-canceling software can be downloaded for Desktop and macOS.

Price: Free for 30 days. Remote Pros: $6/month (billed annually), Teams: $5/month per user (billed quarterly), Enterprise custom plan, contact for pricing.


Iris Clarity

IrisClarity is a tool developed for extreme environments and will eliminate all background noise from customer calls.

An AI-powered software, it’s able to block noise from both sides of a call, provide echo cancellation, and has background noise controls so you can adjust the level of sound you want to hear.

It’s compatible with all the leading call systems and platforms, has high-level security processes, and can be set up quickly and easily.

Price: Not stated on the website. Email the IrisClarity team to discuss your individual needs.

Krisp Review: Is it the Best Noise Cancelling App for You?

At the end of this Krisp review, you can see that it’s a great option for reducing background noises on voice and video calls.

Download Krisp onto your desktop or use it via the Google Chrome extension.

While working from home or in a busy call center, you can enjoy clear, noise-free calls, never miss important information, and stay productive.

No longer will you have to apologize for the noise in the background – you can just get your work done in a professional manner!

Get started with Krisp for FREE today.

Want more AI-powered solutions?

Check out the best text-to-speech AI tools with clear and natural voices.

That concludes the article: Krisp Review: Best Noise Cancelling App for Your Needs?
I hope this article has provided you with valuable knowledge. If you find it useful, feel free to leave a comment and recommend our website!
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