Zendesk Pricing – How Much Does Zendesk CRM Cost in 2023?

When it comes to customer relationship management (CRM) software, Zendesk is a popular choice for businesses looking to improve their customer support and engagement. With its wide range of features and user-friendly interface, Zendesk has gained a reputation for being a reliable and efficient CRM solution. However, one important aspect that businesses need to consider before adopting Zendesk is its pricing. In this article, we will explore the cost of Zendesk CRM in 2023, taking into account the various pricing plans and factors that may affect the overall cost. Whether you are a small startup or a large enterprise, understanding the pricing structure of Zendesk CRM will help you make an informed decision and determine if it aligns with your budget and business needs.

Zendesk pricing plans start at just $19 per user, per month for the Support and Sell platforms, which enable users to utilize sales and customer service features. Zendesk CRM also offers a Suite platform, which starts at $55 per user, per month and bundles assorted Zendesk products together, like Guide, Chat, and Talk. There’s even a free trial for Zendesk to let you try the software out for yourself.

In this guide to Zendesk pricing, we’ll walk you through the various price plans for each tier of Zendesk CRM, plus what features you’ll get for your buck. We also compare Zendesk to other CRM providers to help you decide which is the best CRM for your business. And don’t forget, you can always get an in-depth look at the entire industry by checking out our CRM comparison page.

Zendesk Pricing Plans Overview

When it comes to paying for Zendesk CRM, you’ve got three distinct options, each with their own set of pricing plans: Support, Sell, and Suite. Click the below links to be taken to in-depth reviews, or read on for some more basic details:

  • Zendesk Sell offers four different pricing plans, costing $19 per user, per month, $55 per user, per month, $115 per user, per month, and $169 per user, per month.
  • Zendesk Support offers three different plans, costing $19 per user, per month, $55 per user, per month, and $115 per user, per month.
  • Zendesk Suite offers five different plans, costing $55 per agent per month, $89 per agent per month, $115 per agent per month, $169 per agent per month, and the Enterprise plan offers custom pricing.
  • All Zendesk Suite plans bundle a number of Zendesk products together, including Support, Guide, Gather, Chat, Talk, Explore, and Sunshine.

Zendesk lets businesses pay for services on an annual or monthly bases, but unless you’re planning on sticking with the plans for less than nine months, it’s more economical to sign up annually.

Read on for more information about what these specific Zendesk CRM plans offer and how much they will cost your business.

Zendesk Sell Pricing

You’ll be able to check out three different pricing plans, Team, Growth, Professional, and Enterprise. Here’s how they compare:

Zendesk Sell Team

The Team plan for Zendesk Sell costs $19 per user per month, billed annually.

This is obviously the lowest tier plan for Zendesk Sell, and as such, is aimed at smaller teams that don’t require a whole lot of functionality. It allows for up to three paid users, offers email integration for seamless workflows, and provides a single custom sales pipeline for your business.

You’ll also have access to a full featured mobile CRM on your smartphone, so you can improve productivity while on the go.

All of Zendesk Sell’s plans include task and appointment setting too. When our team of testers tried the task-list feature firsthand, they loved its versatility and found it really user-friendly. It’s pretty rare for such useful task management features to be included on entry-level CRM tiers too, making this plan a pretty solid return on investment for smaller businesses after a one-size-fits-all tool.

Zendesk Sell Growth

The Professional plan for Zendesk Sell costs $55 per user per month, billed annually.

This is where you’ll start to see some really impressive features for your sales-focused CRM. For one, it allows for unlimited users, although it’s important to remember that you’ll be paying more for each one you add.

The extra cost is worth it though, as this plan adds a wide range of email features, including unlimited templates and personalized bulk sending. You’ll also get access to a more robust analytics and reporting platform, so you know exactly what works and what doesn’t.

After testing these analytic capabilities ourselves, we were impressed by the granular level of control they gave its users. The platform provides multiple menu views and reporting styles to help you measure a wide variety of metrics. In our opinion, this more than justifies this plans larger price tag, especially for teams with ambitions growth targets.

Zendesk Sell Professional

The Enterprise plan for Zendesk Sell costs $115 per user per month, billed annually.

As you can probably guess from the name, this plan is aimed at larger businesses with a lot of sales to manage. You’ll enjoy two custom sales pipelines, activity reports, product catalogs, task automation, and custom notifications.

Simply put, this plan is aimed at those businesses looking to really ramp up sales in the ecommerce space. Particularly with the built-in lead and deal scoring, you’ll be able seriously improve your sales with this plan, if you can afford the added cost. Plus, it comes with more advanced team management infrastructure, so you can easily manage multiple teams at larger businesses.

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Zendesk Sell Enterprise

The Elite plan for Zendesk Sell costs $169 per user, per month, billed annually.

The biggest difference between the Elite plan and the other less expensive plans is the number of sales pipelines you’re allowed to take advantage of. While the two less expensive plans allow for only one and the Enterprise plan allows for two, the Elite plan allows for unlimited sales pipelines, so you can seamlessly manage multiple teams on a single platform.

Outside of that, you also get access to advanced analytics and API functionality, on top of a substantial increase in the amount of storage allowed per user (25GB). The added cost is substantial at nearly double the Enterprise plan, but these added features are nothing to scoff at if you think they could improve your business in a meaningful way.

Zendesk Support Pricing

Zendesk Support offers three pricing plans: Team, Profesional, and Enterprise. We break them down below:

Zendesk Support Team

The Team plan costs $19 per user, per month billed annually and offers 8/5 email support from the Zendesk team.

Team includes granular ticket grouping, custom business triggers and automations, custom user and organization fields, the ability to group contacts by a single organization, performance dashboards, public apps and integrations, an API rate limit of 200 RPM, and subdomain mapping, with access to over 90 computer-telephony integrations available as an add-on.

While still priced fairly low, particularly compared to competitors, this is a noticeable price hike, ostensibly justified by the additional features which offer grouping tools to help a business operating a single brand better track both customers and agents. That said, Team doesn’t have a lot of extra customization for its price, and you might want to consider jumping straight to the next tier.

Zendesk Support Professional

Support’s Professional plan costs $55 per user, per month and, and offers 24/5 phone and email support from the Zendesk team.

Features include everything in Team, plus: Dynamic ticket content that matches each user’s language preference, the ability to define support business hours, SLA management, customer satisfaction ratings and follow-up surveys, automatic redaction, dashboards and reporting powered by Zendesk Explore (customizable with an add-on), an API rate limit of 400 RPM, and private custom apps and integrations.

Additional paid add-ons include extra storage, multiple ticket forms, conditional ticket fields, customer lists based on tags and user fields, and a collaboration add-on that gives agents greater messaging and commenting flexibility.

The Professional plan is a top option for businesses with a large group of customers that will need to be grouped by factors including tags, language used, and business hours.

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Zendesk Support Enterprise

The Support Enterprise plan costs $115 per user, per month, and it comes with guaranteed 24/7 phone and email support from the Zendesk team.

Features include everything in the Professional plan, plus: Skills-based routing, Guided Mode for automated ticket sorting, up to 20 active contextual workspaces, custom roles and permissions, a sandbox environment, multi-brand support for up to five brands (or up to 300 brands with an add-on), an AI-powered Satisfaction Prediction, an email compliance archive, ticket rules analysis, audit logs, and an API rate limit of 700 RPM. Paid add-ons include a 99.9% uptime SLA, a specific data center location, the ability to configure for HIPAA, and a premium production sandbox (separate from the test environment, which is included).

Enterprise’s features are powerful but only worth it if you have a team that knows how to use them and an operation large enough to benefit from implementing them at scale. It’s worth looking into if you have a global business operating multiple brands and is likely the best Zendesk offering for a truly large company.

The Support service is the backbone of what Zendesk CRM has to offer: Purchase any Zendesk Support plan, and you’ll get Lite versions of Guide, Chat and Talk as well. Purchase the Suite, and you’ll get a bundle of all four. Whatever the choice, a business interested in Zendesk’s CRM tools is likely to start with Support.
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Zendesk Suite Pricing

This plan comes in five pricing plans: Team, Growth, Professional, Enterprise, and Enterprise Plus. Here’s how they compare:

Zendesk Suite Team

Team is available for $55 per agent, per month, billed annually.

While it’s the lowest Suite tier available, you still get access to all the bundled products mentioned above, so there’s no need to fret. With plenty of automation features, a unified agent workspace, robust APIs, you’ll be get the full experience, while still saving a bit of money.

The primary feature that makes Suite more attractive than the outright Support plans is that it provides additional communication channels to keep in contact with team members and clients alike.

Zendesk Suite Growth

Growth is available for $89 per agent, per month, billed annually.

This plan is a bit more robust, aimed at medium-sized businesses that want to ramp up their overall customer offerings. This plan offers multiple help centers — as opposed to the one in the Team plan — a self-service customer portal, and even more automated responses via chatbot. Plus, it offers multilingual support, so if you’re an international business, this plan is an absolute must.

Zendesk Suite Professional

Professional is available for $115 per agent, per month, billed annually.

This is the most attractive bundle for the average small to mid-size business: It includes all the essential features needed for a full CRM at a reasonable price, as well as plenty of additional perks, including the addition of extensive data analytics tools that can help you run your business more efficiently.

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If your operation has a high need for customer support or a rapidly growing customer base, Zendesk Professional Suite is a simple, fast way to start serving them across all channels.

Zendesk Suite Enterprise

The Enterprise suite is priced at $1169 per agent, per month. It offers every single feature from the Professional suite, plus more features and AI abilities, 24/7 support, and greater customization.

Enterprise is a great choice for a business with the same staff operating across multiple brands. As for company size, this plan will be attractive for both large companies and scrappy-but-growing ones. You can always upgrade, however, so many businesses may want to start with the Professional suite first.

Zendesk Suite Enterprise Plus

Zendesk Suite also offers an Enterprise Plus plan, but you will have to contact the sales team to get an exact quote for your business.

If the Enterprise plan just isn’t enough for you, then we have good news: there’s more! The Enterprise Plus plan from Zendesk Suite adds an advanced sandbox environment and improved disaster recovery, as well as access to an add-on for a high-volume API.

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Zendesk Guide, Chat and Talk

These services all help businesses fulfil tickets in additional mediums: Guide enables help centers, Chat enables messaging widgets, and Talk enables telephone call support.

Zendesk Guide

This service helps businesses build a customized knowledge base for their agents and/or their customers.

  • Customer Portal — allows customers to find solutions to their own requests
  • Knowledge Capture app — allows agents to build and refer to a knowledge base to quickly resolve their tickets

Zendesk Chat

This service lets agents chat with customers through a website widget.

  • Pre-chat form — asks customers pre-set questions before connecting them to a live agent
  • Shortcuts  — allows agents to set keystroke shortcuts to chat more quickly to common concerns
  • Integrations — The chat widget can be connected to WordPress, Shopify, Salesforce or JIRA.
  • Chat history — Chat logs only last 14 days on Chat Lite, but are unlimited on every other tier of Chat’s service plans.

Zendesk Talk

This service helps businesses create online call centers built into Zendesk CRM. 

  • Local or toll-free numbers — chose a number or port in an existing one.
  • Voicemails — customer voicemails can be easily turned into tickets or tied to a workflow trigger
  • Answer in browser — Agents can take inbound or make outbound calls from within the Zendesk interface.

Is Zendesk a good CRM system?

As far as return on investment is concerned, CRM can reportedly make you $8.71 for every dollar you spend, so finding the right one can make a big difference. Fortunately, by most accounts, Zendesk is a good option for most businesses, depending on which industry you work in.

For customer service, it doesn’t get much better than Zendesk. Yes, the price can be a bit high, particularly if you opt for the Suite plans, but it offers more features and better customization than any other CRM in our research. This helped it secure a 4.7/5 overall in our research, which makes Zendesk the best CRM for customer service across the industry.

For sales, it’s another story. Zendesk Sell doesn’t compete as admirably against other CRMs for sales, as it netted a mere 3.4/5 overall in our research, well behind Zoho CRM (4.7/5) and Freshsales (4.5/5). The cause of this low score is that it simply doesn’t offer as many features as other CRMs, and it’s still quite expensive. That, combined with poor help and support options means that Zendesk Sell might not be your best option.

This review doesn’t cover all the apps or its competitors but does take a look at the features of the five main apps and the Sunshine platform, as well as the support and pricing options available from Zendesk. Plus, you can get an accurate price for your business today by filling out our simple pricing quotes tool for CRM software.

Zendesk Support Alternatives

According to our research, Zendesk is one of the best CRM for customer support, offering a wide range of features with exemplary support for a surprisingly reasonable price. However, there are plenty of other great options out there depending on what your business actually needs.

Salesforce Service Hub, for example, is a popular option if you’re looking for robust analytics and data visualization, but it’s a bit expensive compared to Zendesk. Freshdesk is a comparable alternative to Zendesk price wise and still offers a lot of features. Additionally, if you’re a small business, Zoho CRM is our top choice.

Let’s take a look at our Zendesk alternatives guide for more info and check out how Zendesk stacks up against other CRM services for customer support in this helpful table that outlines features and payment plans.

Zendesk Sell Alternatives

Unlike Zendesk Support, Zendesk Sell doesn’t quite compare as favorably to the other best CRM for sales that we have reviewed. The platform has limited features in some key areas like lead communication and customer support, which puts it well behind other options.

Again, Salesforce is an even more popular option for sales, but when you compare Salesforce and Zendesk, the Salesforce price is a bit intimidating. Freshsales is a good alternative in the same price range and offers a bit more when it comes to features. HubSpot is another Salesforce-like option, offering a lot for a comparable price tag, but does offer a few more budget options, so might be a good fit.

Check out how Zendesk Sell stacks up against other sales-focused CRM services in the table below, outlining features and payment plans.

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What Is Zendesk Sunshine?

Zendesk Sunshine is Zendesk’s in-house developer platform. It’s built on the Amazon Web Services cloud.

Sunshine allows users to access all of the different Zendesk applications they are subscribed to, and has an open API that allows them to easily send or receive data from any third-party or custom integrations.

In addition, it comes with a few CRM-specific features of its own: The “Events” feature tracks customer activity in a timeline, and the “Profiles” feature pulls information from disparate sources together to form a database of individual customer profiles. Sunshine was only launched in November 2018, but it builds on Zendesk’s successes with customer service and customer relationship tools, serving as a single platform that can pull them all together.

Zendesk Sunshine Pricing

Zendesk Sunshine is available in the Suite, which means you can get it from $55 per agent per month. This is a great deal, considering the Sunshine platform on its own will cost you at least $495 per month, although it depends on how many agents you have using it.

How We Evaluate CRMs like Zendesk

At Guidelisters, we don’t just find a bunch of CRM software and throw them at a dart board to see which options are the best. In fact, all of our business software ratings and rankings are backed by hours of rigorous research to ensure decision makers have all the information they need to be make the best choice for their company. Here’s how we evaluated CRMs like Zendesk:

  • Pricing – How affordable a CRM software provider is and how many pricing plans they offer.
  • Customization – Whether a CRM software provider offers customizability in the platform, like custom objects, custom tasks, custom dashboard, and more.
  • Features – How large the feature catalog is for the platform, offering tools like lead capture, lead communication and more.
  • Team infrastructure – Whether a platform offers advanced features like task management, individual targets, and other team-focused features.
  • Customer support – How available a support team is for a provider and what channels they are available through.
  • Scalability – Whether a platform can grow with a business as it adds customers and employees alike.

For more information about the process of evaluating CRM and other business software, take a look at our in-depth research guide to learn more.

Zendesk Pricing FAQs

The Zendesk free trial allows you to use the service for 14 days without having to pay.

Yes, in that both Zendesk and Salesforce are CRM platforms. However, Zendesk is more geared towards support business, whereas Salesforce has a much more robust sales-centric interface.

Depending on which plan you opt for and whether you pay monthly or annually, Zendesk pricing plans range from $19 per agent per month to $199+ per agent per month.

No, there is no free version of Zendesk, but the CRM is available at no cost during a 14-day free trial.

Zendesk Sell comes in three different pricing plans: Team, Professional, and Enterprise. The Team plan will cost you $19 per user per month, the Professional plan, will cost you $55 per user per month, the Enterprise plan will cost you $115 per user per month, and the Enterprise Plus plan will cost you $169 per user per month.

Yes, Zendesk is a popular CRM that is great for customer support businesses looking to streamline their operations. Learn more about how Zendesk matches up with other top CRM providers.

Our research shows that Zendesk is the best CRM for support purposes. However, the same research showed that Salesforce is better when it comes to sales, and Hubspot is better when it comes to marketing, so it all depends on what you plan to use them for. In fact, HubSpot is the best CRM for marketing, according to our research.

Our research shows that Zendesk, Salesforce, and HubSpot are some of the best CRM platforms available for small businesses, with each excelling in a specific category. Zendesk is best for support, Salesforce is best for sales, and HubSpot is best for marketing.

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